Thoughts & Review on- Pinto has an idea by Rajeev Saxena

Thoughts & Review on- Pinto has an idea by Rajeev Saxena

I am reminded of our young canteen employee, while writing this review. He is a well educated individual, albeit doing a job way below his qualifications.However, unknown and sad his circumstances might be which forced him to take up this job, you can see his ingenious skills in the way he washes the cups, saucers, hangs the kitchen towels to dry, etc. His tea making skills might need a little more practice, but his "jugaad" skills are definitely being put to good use.

"Pinto has an idea" by Rajeev Saxena is story of a boy named Rajat Srivastava poplularly known as "Pinto" by everyone. It starts in a small town Atrauli in UP, where Pinto a young innovator, sets his curious mind to solve everything in his life. His first invention being a tool on how to remove the kernels of a corn successfully. This little idea germinates the seed of inventing things in life to make day to day living easy.

His childhood pranks and his warm relationship with his parents and grandparents is portrayed beautifully. Part of the charm of his childhood is due to the way Rajeev Saxena writes & charms the readers with the simple dialogues and generous dose of humor.

His aspiration take him to IIT preparations in Kota, where he makes friends and also finds his would be soul mate Lavanya, an IIT aspirant. Lavanya's difficult past & the almost platonic relationship between Pinto & Lavanya blooms in this period.

Pinto’s hard work pays off & he gets admission in the prestigious IIT Kanpur. Amidst his studies & other activities, he is still in touch with Lavanya. After quitting his job at a software company, he joins as a research assistant in US, where during one of his trip to India he marries Lavanya. He finally settles down in Pune, India away from the hustle bustle of Mumbai. Thereby starts his real adventures as a householder scientist. 

He puts his innovative cap on & brings on many changes in the society & the city he stays in. He aptly invents apps which helps in household work, generation of more electricity, grocery shopping & even in getting maids. 

Majority part of the book focuses on the inventions by Pinto, whereby his faithful aide Imran helps him. It becomes a bit monotonous at times,where one invention after another takes place in his household. At times as a reader, even I felt, that staying in a country like India, where getting anything done takes up lot of time & trouble, Mr.Pinto Srivastava is inventing a lot of things. 

Even the ideas generated and apps invented seems a bit far fetched. There are two only major incidents in the book, which brings out the more humane side of the book, i.e. disappearance of his Pinto’s dadaji and his joining of Politics which brings a major tiff between Pinto & his wife. 

 While, this is a very good idea and the concept has been dealt quite skillfully, I wish the author had taken up just one invention/issue/incident and written that as a novel. Debutant Novelist Rajeev Saxena does a commendable job on writing and brings out all the characters to life. Personally, I couldn’t help but remember SRK From Swades : ) 

On a last note,there is a Pinto in all of us,We are all innovators, scientists, re thinkers in our own rights & capacity. We try to make our lives better every moment. If the bureaucracy, corruption, politics, petty mindedness can be fought on with a brave heart, then I firmly believe that the world will be a better place to live in.

Name :- Pinto has an idea

Author's name :- Rajeev Saxena
Publisher :- Bloomsbury Publishing India Pvt Ltd
ISBN :- 978-93-86826-93-0
No. Of Pages :- 272
Book Source :- Flipkart Book Review Programme

You can buy the book from :- Flipkart | Amazon | Infibeam


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